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You’re a senior manager in your company and have decided to hire an executive coach, congrats. Collaborating with the correct executive coach can be an amazing catalyst in helping you to attain significant and ongoing improvement as a leader. The executive coaching segment is much fragmented and full of sole practitioners. There’s no formal education or practical prerequisite to ensure one as qualified to practice as an executive coach and those looking executive coaching do get a tough time choosing one. In this article are tips to assist you when selecting an executive coach.

Industry expertise is one of the elements you are supposed to pay attention to. It is crucial for your executive coach to have experience working in your industry. You need to know that the executive coach is going to support the development of your individual effectiveness not counseling you on specific business strategies and market trends. It is definitely preferable that this executive coach has broad knowledge of your business in order for you not to have to use a lot of time attempting to expound to them industry jargon or broad advancements impacting your business.

Chemistry is another factor that’s worth considering. As per executive coaching sector research, the first pointer that an executive coaching experience will be successful is positive and strong chemistry between the coach and the customer. Nonetheless, it must be the correct kind of chemistry given by the coaching goals. Some coaching customers commit the mistake of selecting the coach who seems a close match for them as they feel that the coach really understands them. It is important that you select an executive coach on a close enough wavelength for mutual respect and trust and comfortable rapport to be established. However, you must be careful not to hire a new lifelong buddy or personal cheerleader.

Coaching accreditations and qualifications are the next elements to check. Coaching is at the moment less regulated and you will find all kinds of people calling themselves executive coaches. Knowing that your executive coach is qualified gives the reassurance required to acquire the most from coaching. Apart from qualifications, continuous professional development and affiliations with a professional association are the gold standards in training. Coaches like these will be following the utmost professional standards and ensuring their practices are up-to-date with the current research.

Another thing you will have to do is research your executive coach. Getting an executive coach is an investment of your funds and time. Doing due diligence will give you the reassurance that you’re investing prudently. Ask this executive coach about their successes as well as the impact they have noticed on their customers. A good coach will have a broad range of customers who have encountered all manner of issues and working with examples that are particular to your objective for coaching is going to help you understand what being instructed by this executive coach might be like. Also, read reviews and ask people who have ever used the services of an executive coach before for recommendations.

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