Three Inventions That Have Changed the Shopping World

One of the most convenient experiences in the modern world is the experience of shopping. As people enter stores that are designed to make their shopping experiences as accommodating as possible, they do business and provide for their homes and personal lives with a great deal of ease, but shopping has not always been so convenient. There are three important concepts that have made shopping the convenient experience we know today.

1) The Shopping Cart

In 1937, business pioneer Sylvan Goldman wanted to create a way to sell more groceries at his supermarket chain. He came up with the idea that he could sell more groceries if his customers could easily carry more groceries. Soon after he fashioned the very first shopping cart prototype by attaching a shopping basket to a folding chair with wheels. It took a while for his new invention to catch on, but after hiring models to use them for publicity, other people soon began to use them as well.

2) Price Tags

Price tags are a recent invention. Up until the 1870s, retail goods and services were sold through the practice of haggling, which was basically price negotiation. Because Quakers found it immoral to give different prices to different customers, stores such as Macy’s—found by Quaker R.H. Macy—began to affix price tags to their merchandise. In 1916, Piggly Wiggly became the first self-service store to incorporate price tags.

3) The Conveyor Belt

The modern checkout counter wasn’t always the way we know it today. For many years, most retail stores kept their goods behind the counters, before the invention of shopping carts, price tags and checkout counter conveyor belts. In 1905, the conveyor belt was invented for use in coal mines by Richard Sutcliffe. A few years later, Henry Ford famously incorporated the assembly line into his production plants. If you or someone you know is interested in purchasing conveyor belts, visit today.

There are numerous inventions and concepts that have shaped the common retail shopping experience that we have come to know and appreciate today. Thanks to price tags, shopping carts and conveyor belts, people today can have a convenient experience while they shop.

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